Thank you, Rudolph Isley

I’m still amazed at how many in the UK don’t know about the Isley Brothers and their music. Even though almost every day for the past 40 or so years they’ve heard it. Their songs I assume the most used in TV commercials that I’ve heard, and their influence spreads worldwide.

So you may not of heard of The Isley Brothers, but you might have heard Lulu, the little Scottish singer who came to fame with the song Shout! – Before her, the Isley brothers had already sold over a million copies of their version. Even if the name Lulu missed your generation, you’ll surely have heard of Jimi Hendrix? Who started off in the group. How about a little group who used the Isley Brothers song Twist And Shout to get to fame? The Beatles. I don’t know why, but for some reason credit never reaches these shores.

But songs like Summer Breeze, Harvest for the World, Who’s That Lady, Love the one you’re (with), Don’t let me be lonely tonight, Work To do are all classics in my opinion and perhaps like you, I heard these songs first on the TV in the 80s in TV commercials but perhaps unlike you, I sort out the artist.


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