The UK Taxpayer Pays For It All

The government processes in the UK are so corrupt you won’t believe the taxpayer is on the hook for so many charges;

We pay for legal cost when the prime minister decides he needs legal representation for political misconduct.
We pay for the Tory propaganda in schools and leaflets that are supposed to be education.
We pay for taxis and private cars when ministers forget their briefcases.
We play for private jets when ministers want to travel.
We pay for problems in privately owned companies that once were state owned, including compensation running into millions.
We pay ministers over £15,000 when they are lose their ministerial job for any reason, even include if, in some case, they only had the job for weeks and then were moved.
If a formally state run service goes bust, we pay the costs and also foot the bill for finding new owners or someone to take on the work.
We supplement politician’s food, rent, heating, travel and other cost. One PM even claimed back the £20 they spent on a reef laying service for the ex-forces.
When they leave parliament, MP are give what must be the equivalent of 2 years average working person’s wage as an “adjustment” payment, Plus more money to pay for the closing of their office.
Just a few off the top of my head… not even mentioned, flags or bridges

We need a new passport for the UK, any colour it just needs to have the word JUG in large gold lettering.


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