What is entertainment?

This week we have the Russell Brand accusations of rape and the BBC review of the Boris Johnson government called State Of Chaos. Both these are sure to get the blood boiling in those people who only see the news & events when they are pushed in front of them while eating their evening meal on their lap. But all should be no surprise to anyone, this happened right in front of us all in real life and some loved it at the time, it entertained them, and now it’s entertaining them again. What is entertainment;

During Russel Brand’s peak fame, he was known and admitted being a very bad boy, having all kind of sex and doing things most people wouldn’t think was normal or maybe even legal. All this notoriety did was make the people want more of him, and the broadcaster took full advantage. He even went into acting and sure made loads of money – So that must be “entertainment” right? Well now it turns out that this was not entertainment and the very people who paid him because he was like this are now investigating and are astounded by what is said.

Boris Johnson was voted into office as UK Prime minister as a cheeky chap, one of the lads and even the phase was heard “he made not be a good prime minister, but it’ll be fun” – So that must be “entertainment” right? The voters saw what he was and still wanted more, just like Brand. But made the entertainment is the BBC gaining all their footage to push out to the same people who voted for Boris Johnson, telling us how daft he and his gang of clowns were and the fact the government official actually had to go to the queen to ask her if she could have a word with him. Now that’s surely entertainment?

What’s not entertainment is the people with power to tell the truth at the time, both these cretins were gaining popularity. What’s not entertainment is the media feeding off the actions of idiots like Johnson & Brand, building them up as the answer to something. These are the people who should tale responsibility for the mess we now see. No, that’s not entertainment, that’s corruption.


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