Two tips for house painting

Tip One: So a few months ago you painted the doors in your home, they looked great I’m sure, only problem is you want them to stay looking great. So you were a bit miffed when one day you noticed some of your doors were showing some scuffs, clearly they need a bit of touching up. No worries, you had half a can of that paint leftover, so you stored it in the shed for just this occasion. So you get everything ready, put a cover down, lightly sand the areas you want to re-paint, clean all the dust away. So you are ready to paint but on opening the can of paint you saved you find it’s all gone hard. Sadly, that no cost touch-up is now going to cost you a new tin of paint. But you’ll only use a fraction of this time, so the rest, will that go to waste?

Well, not if you do what I do. Each time I use paint, before I seal the can I make a plastic cover out of an old shopping bag. It’s easy, just get your shopping bag and draw around the lid of the can and cut that circle out. Then, when you are finished with the paint for more than a few days place the plastic in the can covering the paint, right on the paint surface sealing it in. You see, when you put the lid on the can you trap air in the can and if that air can contact the paint, the paint will dry. Having the plastic on top stop the air getting to, keeping your paint fresh and fluid. I’ve used this method for many years, and it’s saved my buying lots of paint.

Tip Two: If you are like me, you hate cleaning paint brushed and often forget, meaning each time you need one you have to buy a new one. Well, I solved that problem by storing my brush in a 2 litre plastic bottle, the type you buy white sprite in. I leave a small amount of white sprite in the bottle, drop the brush in and then screw the top back one. Of course, this only works for small brushes. Larger brushes and rollers can be kept useable for a few days by wrapping them in cling film.

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