All I want is a more simple life

When I was a kid, things looked complicated. Complicated for a kid sent down to the corner shop to get condensed milk but come back with skimmed milk. To my child’s mind, Skimming” & “condensing” were the same thing. Mind you, at this time, Dyslexia wasn’t a thing. Today, I past me wouldn’t stand a chance, I mean look at this 15 type of bloody 15 types of milk. Ok, thats progress of a sort and perhaps there is a use for each type there, but in other cases it’s made confusing just to make more profit. Have seen the soap brands all owned by the same company, all made in the factories with the same ingredients. What about the medicines for backache, colds, flu, headache etc etc that are all the same painkiller just boxed up different to sell at a higher price. I’m seem this in other things to. If you are buying something for one use, you can buy the same thing that does the same job, but it’s sold for another use, so it’s cheaper. This is crazy and confusing;

Recently I’ve been replacing my double glazing units and more than once came up against this practice. For this that don’t DIY these glass units when inserted into a wooden window frame are held in by mastic (glue). A search on that their internet for the term “window mastic” bring up hundreds of products with names like ETB, ETB+, 115, S41, 225,784, Silirub 2, Silirub 2+, Silirub LMN, 450, 895, 335, Asi-335Ws, EVT, Spectrum 2 amongst others that simply say window sealant. The majority of these products are the same, but some are¬†Low Modulus Neutral Cure, Why is that important? Well any other type may react with the sealant the glass manufacture uses and if it does pop goes your double glazing. How do you know? Well, you have to resort to looking at the websites of the companies to see if they can be used for your type of job.

That just one sample, but really any job that needs doing today, it seems you have become an expert in something you had no interest in before. If you don’t, you get ripped off. From buying a new laptop to buying an house plant, if you don’t do the research the odds are very much against you today. So I say clean it up, make life simple please.


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