UK Christmas Message 2023

We always have a “white Christmas” here in the UK. Not that it always snows on Christmas day, but it hardly ever does, the bookies always give about 100/1 odds, but we always have the royal family and their photo opportunity to whiten our screens and newspapers. Yes, most countries have Santa, we have the anti-Santa in the form of a king and his money-grabbing crime syndicate known as the British Royal Family.

When it comes to the real Santa he’s in a bit of a pickle this year. Having employed his elf workforce making toys for children, he finds some 5,000 to 10,000 won’t be here to receive them. They’ve been murdered by the zionists with the support of the USA and UK. But at least that gives the churches something to talk about in their Christmas messages to the idiots who follow the faith.

If you live in the UK you have the power to bring change, don’t vote or spoil the paper.

The end of the message is supposed to tell you there is hope for better days to come. I’ll leave it at that.


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