UK Governments Failing The People

So now we have food shortages, before that it was the energy price increases & before that all a number of decisions made by UK governments failed the UK people during the pandemic, but it’s nothing new.

The UK had now just become a failed business, it’s function purely to maintain the status of the privileged & powerful. The people are used & exploited, the resources are sold off & the taxes are shipped out of the country. It’s asset stripped on the largest scale possible.

The politicians look after themselves, their aim is to get rich & have their name in the history books as making some kind of achievement, even if like we’ve seen with a long list of Tory prime ministers that achievement was failure. But it’s not just Tories, before that numerous Libs Dems were happy to make their way to the House of Lords having done nothing for the country except pure debt on to students they had claimed to want to protect. More recently the like of Woodcock, Mann, Tom Watson & Ruth Smeeth are just taking the piss out of their constituents.

But let’s not forget Blair, his lies & his spin doctors. All this kicked off but the Margaret Thatcher era that stole our public services and sold them off. Companies built for & by the public over many years and billions upon billions of taxpayers money. Companies that generated as much as 30% of the national income sold. That then led to job loses followed by those companies then being sold to mostly to foreign bodies, so more UK generated money going out of the country & then the price rises due to no protection from the UK government.

Headlines 1st March 2023 –

Child food insecurity doubles in Britain, 3.7M kids affected


Never think the UK government works for you because clearly it doesn’t. I’ve just mentioned a fraction of the treason over the last 50 years.


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