Football is killing itself

What other ideas can the masters of the great game think up to fuck it up for the supporters or the players?
The most common complaint by managers is we play too many games. This complaint was used as far back as 1960 as an excuse to try and stop the Football League cup being introduced. More recently, it was used to allow teams to field substandard line-ups in cup games and now for some clubs The Football League cup is a youth team competition. Care of the player’s health is also supposed to be an issue, so water breaks when the weather is hot. With all this, you would think the powers that be are on the side of the player and have their best interests in mind. Yet, where is the evidence of that?

1. Pre-season tournaments instead of warm-up games.
2. European leagues with four times as many teams allowed in them instead of a simple cup structure of worthy teams.

3. And those major tournaments being given over to some of the hottest places on the planet.
4. Time keeping that is simply bizarre, the latest World Cup saw games time recorded at the highest levels ever with extra time added amounting to almost an extra 20% of football being played in some games.

5. Now comes the idea that every time the ball goes out of play, the game clock will stop (where have we seen that before?). Experts says only about 60 mins of football is played in a game, the rest the ball is out of play or the game is stopped.
6. To get this madness though, they are thinking of adjust the game time from 90 minute to 60 minutes. Pretty sure the won’t reduce the ticket price by a third.


And those are just the major problems, I’ve not even touched on the other nonsense they allow – TV coverage to dictate kick-off time, The Disney intros that mine the players warm-ups were pointless & the way they introduce new types of footballs each year, VAR, the offside rule etc

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