We must take fear out of elections

Screenshot_2018-12-12 David Cameron on Twitter
2018-12-12 David Cameron on Twitter

First I have to say in some small way Cameron may have had a point, one he didn’t know at the time. Because if Ed Milliband had won that election Ed Balls would be Chancellor. This is a man who was happy to ride roughshod over workers right to demand the leader of the child services is sacked on the spot. Although that action benefited him in PR it destroyed all credibility he ever had as a socialist. One of the pillars that bind the Labour party are workers rights. These right have been hard won and the is no excuse for ignoring them and even less when you understand the costs to the country was a minimum of £250,000 in compensation some months later. Right there are a few fundamentals why Ed Balls should never have risen to the hight he did in the Labour party. And perhaps this is indicative of the whole Tony Blair project and his weakening of that bond with the working man. Another is Ed Balls wife, Yvette Cooper, although a number of Labour member would be happy for her to be leading the Labour party they might want to consider she shared office, house & bed with Ed Ball when he trashed his socialist credentials.

Ed Balls it not all bad, neither is David Cameron. Ask any number of people who move in his social circle … hold no you don’t have to ask them they’ll tell you because they feed you the news every day. Sure the likes of Andrew Neil who will point out – this is all David Cameron’s fault, this is a mistake of the Conservatives making – But he’ll only do that in passing so he has evidence should you question his honesty. Look at it this way, how many of us would constantly attack the people we go to the match with or go to the pub and cheer accept drinks off? and so it is for many Journalists who went to school with, a university with, married, worked with, own businesses with and accept offers to posh events from. It’s just not going to happen, is it?


Screenshot_2018-12-12 (1) Theresa May - Posts
2018-12-12 Facebook Theresa May – Post

Let’s move on to the next Tory Election campaign, by this time Cameron had done what no waring party had ever done to Britain, that is conquered it fully and completely. Because that’s what Cameron did with the EU IN or OUT referendum.


From the very start, the idea behind Theresa May’s campaign was to put fear into the voters for what might come if they didn’t vote for her. I tend to think if you are running for office you should promote what you bring with you, what success you have had and what you can do based on that past success. I mean, imagine going into a job interview and your main point is all those sitting in the waiting room are a danger to the company?
But this is how the Conservatives operate and it works for them. They win elections by saying Labour overspend but the records show at the end of governments every Conservative government has spent more than every Labour government. They also do far less with that money spent because their main role is to filter public money up to the rich. Let’s face who bought you the NHS, who bought you the railways, bank holidays etc. Labour did those spending less money than the Tories … think about it!
Yet the media’s role needs pointing out here because the notion that Labour is the party of spend spend spend is now so well dig in the human sync that it dominates all questions on Labour policy. So much so that to try and display this Labour publish spending figures in their fully costed manifesto. The Conservative party even now don’t feel the need to do that, WHY? because when they announce policy they are never asked the question Labour are always asked: “Where is the money coming from?” This has now reached the comical level that when Labour publish their spending plans the BBC & other use “experts” to debunk them. They don’t give the Tories that scrutiny and so in a way Labour damage themselves by their honesty. This all goes into the big fear project to help the Tories.

But Brexit take fear to a new level altogether, I might suggest a level no nation should tolerate. Fear of immigrants, fear of food shortages, fear of total economic collapse, fear of the EU, Fear of not voting to leave and fear of voting to remain. And that was before the result.
In the negotiations, we’ve had fear of the EU again but also fear of our own judges, fear of people who want to stop the vote, fear of people who voted to leave, fear of the house of lords, fear of MPs not doing the people’s will.
Right now at the point of reaching a deal with have fear of leaving without a deal, Fear of changing the leader of the Conservatives, fear once again of a labour government, fear of not getting a better deal if this one is voted down, fear of a bad deal, fear of this or that deal and finally fear of the Northern Ireland troubles returning.

The people should say “enough!”, We can work it out ourselves we don’t need this pressure on us all the time. We can’t hope to have changed with a foot constantly on your head.

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