You can’t embarrass a Tory

Liz Truss, shown up to be a total incompetent fool who wasted millions of the country’s money yet she swans around as if she’s an historical mastermind giving her opinions on everything political and never once feeling she’s not got the right to do that.

Nadine Dorries, a life of mistakes & mishaps, a career of not knowing what she’s doing but shelf promotion got her where she wanted to be. Has no sense of shame in taking to the TV and media outlets telling people how hard done by she’s been for not getting an honour she didn’t deserve in the slightest.

Boris Johnson, a serial lier, a cheat found guilty of lying to the people in parliament by his peers after an investigation last over a year. Anyone else would slope off and hide, show some sense of shame. But no, not his, he goes all political with actions that risk the very democracy he swore to uphold.

There is a stink in the air, and it’s the sense of god given rights to be treated differently of these privileged cunts in the Tory party.


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