UK MPs Money For Old Rope

I bang on about the corruption in the UK & I’m not an insider or have any secret knowledge, but that corruption is so in grained and so widespread it’s easy to see, especially in UK parliament. Take select committees –


Each Select committee has a chairperson and at least three members of parliament. The chairperson is paid, as far as I can tell, an extra £15,000 a year on top of their normal MP salary. This is regardless of the fact the time used is within their normal MP allotted duty time, not extra. The other members of the committee get paid the same rate but on a daily basis and is determined on how many days they sit on the committee.

Now think of those costs, but don’t forget the costs of running the committee with all the extra people involved is far more than the cost of £15,000 x 3, today these people are sitting to discuss what happened at ITV with Phillip Schofield, what a great use of your money that is, don’t you think?  It’s almost as if these MPs spend all their time looking for reasons to sit on their committee to rake in their money isn’t it 🙂

I’m sure the British public at such times welcome the spending of perhaps £100,000 to ask those questions of ITV. But what about all the question they are asking that you never here about. Day after, except when the MPs are on holiday (40 days holiday entitlement & 108 days in recess) these cretins rake in the money, it’s money for old rope. Just look at all the select committees they currently are, here a few, and it’s no surprise that the House of Lords also do the same scam on the British taxpayer.


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