Everyone hates the British

Sure they won’t tell you to your face, and they’ll accept your money or offer of a job… hell they’ll even buy your property but make no mistake every other country in the world hate the British … even the ones who some might call friends like the USA, Israel and …. no already struggling on that one.

So why would this be? Well, it probably goes back as far as Margaret Thatcher. Yes, there was a love hate relationship there, but we made few friends, murdering Argentinians in a ship that was sailing away from a war zone at the time. Away from the UK press also, you can find stories about how she manipulated the events to happen in the first place. These may be true or not, who knows. Then we come to Tony Blair, the man who caused the death of over a million innocent people, and his messing is still harming people even today. Then come the most right wing governments we have ever had here in the UK. First they murder of millions in Syria, a very nasty process that involved using drones to supposedly take out a single terrorist, with no care about the 3 or 4 families that just happen to be near at the time. Afghanistan of course was another great “marketing” job for the UK brand. They were others that involved the British going in to defend people from tyrants, terrorist or whatever and to end in those very same people being killed, made homeless, lawless or refugees in a rubber boat risking their lives to get here ironically. Then we get to the nasty process of leaving the EU and the years of the UK calling all the other members names. I’ve not even mentioned the constant warning about Russia & China (and whatever happened to the threat from North Korea & Iran) wanting to eat your babies, or even gone further back in history to slavery & all the evil we did before Thatcher.

So we can’t win a Eurovision Sing contest, but that’s the nice side of the hatred, isn’t it. We don’t see the lost trade.

We need to be nicer, we need to value all life and stop thinking we are better than other countries because, if nothing else, the last few years should have proven that beyond question. Yes you can wave your Union Jack for the king, but where does it get you? Tell me what is great about Great Britain? And now they have run out of enemies to find over the sea, they are turning their attention inland to you in fact. Those nasty foreigners gave you bad ideas like freedom of speech, the right to protest & workers rights. Can’t be having that, so they are taking that away while forgetting these were in fact hard fought right won by the British for the British at a time when we were looking outward, we did want friends and not war, and we had finally realised we had been cunts to everyone else so need to change our ways. These were the times of the Channel Tunnel idea and led to things like joint intelligence, it led to things like Concord and who knows maybe even help Europe inc the UK win the war against Hitler.


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