Garden update July 2021

Sorry I’ve not update the site too well this year. Reason being I had problem with the hosting and had to rebuild the site and lost a lot of images and post data.

Thought I would do an update on my 2nd year of gardening. Thinking now I’m disappointed in the production so far but comparing with the first year I really shouldn’t be. I don’t like repeating mistakes and although in reality these were not the same mistakes the result were the same. The 3 most annoying were;

The carrots, still not produced a decent carrot. This time I even tried in pots but often the seed didn’t eve germinate in fact I don’t think any did this year. Last year some did but produce small fingers. Going to start a fresh next year, different carrots type new supplier of seeds.

Cabbages, started off really well in the new bed but even with mesh covering them they’ve all be munched to tatters. Got a few meals same as last year. Rethink on the beds, going to have to secure the mesh a lot better. Hope to make a fruit gage before next season. If I do I’ll blog about it but the idea is to combine all the growing room for veg into a 5m x 5m cage and to confine everything in their with a watering system to.

Tomatoes, Again these were very slow to get growing. Even though I started the seeds earlier than last year the plants just seem to go into a dormant state for over a month. In fact I gave up on them at one time. I started with over 30 plants, gave 4 away to next door. Had them in the greenhouse for ages then move them to the patio so I could keep an eye on the water but as soon as I did that they got totally soaked in the heavy rain. By this time I was down to about 6 plants and I moved them back to the greenhouse just to dry out really. 3 day later they had grown 3 ft and were covered in flowers. Go figure!

Success story – The pepper are full of … well peppers. Lost a few due to the pepper maggot or something boring an hole. Had some decent strawberries from new plants but last year’s have been disappointing. My 3 plum trees grown from stones are now over 2ft tall and I’ll be looking to plant those out at the start of next year. Bought a grape plant and hope to turn that into a grape vine along the front fence. Not pulled any potatoes yet but have high hopes for the bags. Most the excitement has been in the flowers and those can speak for themselves so I’ll add some image of the year so far here.


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