The corruption in the UK is deeper than you think.

Right now we have lots of negative commentaries on Boris Johnson, also to a smaller amount Donald Trump, telling you the truth. These things many suspected, some knew simply based on logic and reasonable evidence over years. This is just the corrupt jobbers who work for the establishment. Johnson & Trump are now bad news, they have very little value to the power.

Yes, it’s that time when even the farthest right wing commentator can look half decent, I’m sure you’ve seen those articles in the past, it’s the way they try to balance your views of them – I mean they can’t be all-bad if they are having go a Johnson right? Don’t be fooled. They are doing it now because they can, it costs the propaganda machine nothing. Their plus side is the worst they make Johnson look, the more accepted you’ll be of Sunak or indeed Starmer.

Sunak is currently just trying to stay out of the way, hoping none of the normal shit will stick to him, while his puppets in the background look for the positives or make them up. Starmer is profiting from the shade of Johnson, too. No one is bothering to look at what he’s doing. No one is asking him a searching question on his hole filledĀ  policies, more holes than Boris Johnson’s Partygate story. It’s a win-win for the establishment.

And let’s face it, if Boris Johnson had never been born and never got the power he did, would your life be any different? The answer is a resounding no. The likes of Johnson who say they want to serve the people seldom make any difference, because it’s a lie. The last person I can think of who may have had that intention and really did impact my life and the lives of most people is Margaret Thatcher. I had high hopes for Blair but, as we now know, he was a self severing cunt of the biggest order. As much as I hated Thatcher and as much as she dented the lives of people as I was growing up, I have more respect for her than the likes of Johnson, Blair or Starmer. Her decisions came from desire to do something for the country, however evil her methods & ideas. The other are just self-serving and none have any intention of even trying to make a difference because their masters don’t want change.


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