Boris Johnson’s Dad, Why Not?

If you are going to allow Tom Watson, Ruth Smeeth, Arlene Foster, Johnson’s brother & no end of Tory & Labour donors in to the House of Lords, then why not the vile father known as Stanley Johnson?

If you are going to accept corruption, you might as well accept it all.

The cost of such corruption on the other hand is a concern. Not only in taxpayer’s money but also the welfare of UK dignity & truth within British politics, which let’s be honest is at an all-time low already. How many of those members of the House of Lords deserve to be there?

What must be 700 or more, just a fraction, and what does this mean for the people of the UK? When you look at each honour’s list – remember each outgoing PM has the right to an honours list, so just there we have had seven in the last 13 years – Then the annual ones from the Queen or King now. Each of these appoint what amounts to hundreds, mostly unworthy people if, like me, you would say people appointed just because they are a bishop of the church are unworthy. So if the majority are so unworthy, how must a worthy one feel? Is it not devaluing the honour system.

It also means, decisions making on laws get further away from the interests of the people and far more in the direction of a tiny few people who have the power and wealth.

Cameron nominated 59 people.
May nominated 51.
Liz Truzz will nominate more.
King Charles will also have a long list of people he’ll nominate for in coronation

Then within the year we’ll have Sunak nomination people too. Add in Boris Johnson’s list and that will be over 300 more people on the gravy train.


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