It’s Not About Gary Lineker

The BBC Match Of The Day and well known football legend Gary Lineaker tweeted a comment on the latest UK government immigration policy, comparing it to German in the 1930s when the far right Nazi party took over. Since then, the so-called bastions of freedom of speech of been having a fit and putting pressure on the BBC to sack Gary. But this is not about Gary or the Nazi party, what it’s about is putting in blocks against any decent against the establishment in the UK. By making such a fuss they hope to put-off others making such comments, if they can do that their policies move forward with ease.

Let’s take the stance of the BBC for a start. They claim they show no bias, but anyone remember the same actions against people working for the BBC writing of “the hard right”, “Stalin”, “trots” etc when talking about the Labour Party when Jeremy Corbyn was leader? Anyone recall the BBC taking action when people on their shows called Corbyn & Labour members antisemitic? What did the BBC do to Nights Night when their whole show backgrounds was painted with Jeremy Corbyn as a Russian in an attempt to show him as a Russian spy and a danger to the people of the UK.

So the establishment? Note now Corbyn has gone all the attacks on the Labour Party have stopped. Even worse than that, when the BBC have genuine stories to follow that show Labour in a bad light, they either glide over them or ignore them. Not a word about the Forde report, not a word about how Starmer is kicking jewish labour member out of the Labour party. Not a word on the fact Starmer lied though his teeth to get their leadership job. Why? Because Starmer represent no threat to the establishment. The money will still flow the right way, the working people will still be unheard and with action like this against presenters who dare to speak truth to the power, that all helps


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