The English Choice at The Next General Election

Choose – Conservative for more inept decisions based on a false notion that the world owes this country a living. A vote which will continue the corruption of pouring taxpayer’s money into the hands of private individuals who take no responsibility for their worker’s health, the environment or even their own customers when it comes to the likes of the public service of transport, mail etc

Choose – Labour for a continuation of the above at the excuse of there being no money. Yet money will be found to form more quangos, give support to the like of Israel and the Arab beheading states.

Choose – Lib Dem for a continuation of the above with the addition of extra Lib Dem peers going to the House of Lords at the end.

Choose – Green if you just want to make a point and not be responsible for the above that will sure happen if you do.

Choose – On the many right-wing nutjob parties set up to wank over a photo of Nigel Farage if you like to sound off down the pub but ignore simple basic facts of life and like solutions offered that are simple yet unworkable, make matter worse and waste loads of taxpayer’s money.

Choose – Not to vote if none of the above represents a world you want to live in. Abstain or better still write “fuck off” on the ballot paper to make your vote count as a spoilt paper. In the hope that count will be high enough that the future will listen and offer something different, change, hope or even a little effort to make people’s life better in this country.


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